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What are the Different Types of Butterfly Valves?

What are the Different Types of Butterfly Valves?

Aug 1,2023
Butterfly Valves
Butterfly valves are important components in various industrial applications for efficient flow control in pipelines. Its simple design coupled with ease of operation makes it a popular choice in many industries. The purpose of this article is to discuss the different types of butterfly valves, how they work, their advantages, disadvantages, and common applications.

Learn About Butterfly Valves

What Is a Butterfly Valve?

A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve that regulates fluid flow through a disc or vane. Mounted on a stem that passes through the actuator, the disc is aligned with the direction of flow when the valve is open, allowing fluid to pass through. Conversely, when the valve is closed, the disc turns perpendicular to the direction of flow, blocking the passage.

How Does a Butterfly Valve Work?

When the actuator or handle is turned, the disc opens or closes. Actuators can be manual, electric, or pneumatic, depending on the requirements of the application. The movement of the butterfly plate is smooth and requires less torque, making the butterfly valve easy to operate.

Types of Butterfly Valves

Concentric Butterfly Valves: Concentric butterfly valves are the most common type and have a centrally lined butterfly plate within the valve body. The centerline of the shaft is also the centerline of the pipe, making it suitable for low-pressure applications and providing bi-directional shutoff.

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve: The butterfly plate of the double eccentric butterfly valve deviates from the center line of the pipe and valve body. This design reduces friction during operation, providing a tight seal and reducing wear. These valves are ideal for high-performance applications and are typically used in high-pressure systems.

Triple-Eccentric Butterfly Valve: The triple-eccentric butterfly valve has a tapered seating surface and has a third degree of eccentricity from the centerline. This design ensures a gas-tight shutoff and makes them suitable for demanding applications, such as those involving corrosive or high-temperature fluids.

High-Performance Butterfly Valves: High-performance butterfly valves are designed for critical applications requiring tight shutoff and precise control. They combine the features of double and triple-offset valves to provide excellent performance in high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Advantages of Butterfly Valves

Compact and Lightweight Design

Butterfly valves are more compact and lighter than other valve types, making them easier to install and maintain. Their lightweight nature also reduces the load on the supporting structure.

Quick Action and Shutdown

The quarter-turn operation of the butterfly valve opens and closes quickly for quick shutoff during emergencies or routine maintenance.

Low-Pressure Drop

The streamlined design of the butterfly valve ensures minimal pressure drop across the valve, saving energy and increasing efficiency.

Value for Money

Due to their simple design and fewer components, butterfly valves are cost-effective compared to other valve types, making them an economical choice for a variety of applications.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, butterfly valves are versatile and reliable flow control solutions widely used in various industries. Understanding the different types of butterfly valves is essential. Proper installation, maintenance, and material selection ensure the efficient and long-lasting performance of butterfly valves, making them indispensable components in fluid handling applications.

The above introduces some basic information about butterfly valves. If you want to know more about butterfly valves or want to buy butterfly valves, please contact us.

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