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What is an Electric Linear Actuator?

What is an Electric Linear Actuator?

May 4,2023
Electric Linear Actuators
An electric linear actuator is a device that pushes or pulls an object in a linear direction or in a straight line, which is a mechanical movement in which the rotary motion in an electric motor is driven by electrical energy.

Electric linear actuators are used as electric actuators in various simple or complex processes to achieve centralized control or remote automatic control. Linear actuators are widely used in electric power, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, coal, chemical industry, grain-feeding processing machinery, and other industrial fields.

The motor drives a pair of screw nuts through a pair of gears, which converts the rotational motion of the motor into linear motion, and uses the positive and negative rotation of the motor to complete the push-pull action. Push and pull are equal. For example, complex actions such as rotation and shaking can be accomplished through mechanisms such as various levers, rockers, or connecting rods. Electric linear actuators can increase the stroke by changing the length of the lever arm.

Automatic Protection of Electric Linear Actuator

The electric linear actuator is equipped with an automatic overload protection device. When the stroke of the linear actuator reaches the limit position or exceeds a certain value of the rated thrust, it will automatically stop working to realize overload protection, so that the motor and other components are not damaged, but it cannot be used as a stroke change. Therefore, it is necessary to install a switch on the pushed or pulled part or install an external travel switch device on the electric push rod to control its normal start and stop.

Internal Structure of Electric Linear Actuator

The electric linear actuator is composed of a drive motor, a reducer, a screw, a copper nut, a pipe, a push rod, a sliding seat, a spring, a casing, and a safety switch. Compact structure, flexible action, easy installation.

An electric linear actuator is a new type of electric actuator, mainly composed of an electric motor, push rod, and control device. Linear actuators perform push-pull motion within a certain travel range. Generally speaking, the standard strokes are 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, and 400mm, and special strokes can also be designed and customized by UG Controls according to different application requirements.

Electric linear actuators can be designed with different thrusts according to different application loads. Under normal circumstances, the maximum thrust can reach 6000N or 12000N, and the no-load running speed is 4mm/s~35mm/s. The Electric Linear Actuator is powered by a 12V/24V DC permanent magnet motor that converts the motor's rotary motion into linear motion.

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