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Actuator Preventive Maintenance Guide

Actuator Preventive Maintenance Guide

Feb 6,2023
Regardless of quality, lifetime estimate, or current operation, all industrial plant equipment is exposed to harsh environments and can be damaged by unpredictable events. To maximize future operability, extend the life of plant equipment, and reduce long-term costs, all industrial equipment should undergo a health check and preventative maintenance program.

Reasons for Actuator Preventive Maintenance

- Improve the reliability of the actuator in use

- Identifies problems before actuators are damaged or operability is affected

- Reduced overall maintenance costs

- The opportunity for minor repairs reduces the likelihood of major downtime. Schedule an overhaul at your convenience.

- Control and forecast costs to achieve realistic budgets.

Therefore the Following Guidelines Should Be Followed in Any Preventive Maintenance Program.

1. Perform an exterior visual inspection of all exterior surfaces, including painted finishes, control knobs, and valve stems.

2. Check and replenish the oil level

3. Check whether the mounting bolts, nuts, washers, and screws are damaged and tightened.

4. Verify that the handwheel is operating properly and that the valve has physical movement.

5. Verify that the local controls are active in both directions and check for any signs of degradation such as excessive motor noise.

6. Analyze historical performance data and benchmark against optimal torque curves.

7. Remove the terminal cover and check that the connection is tight. Check the compartment for water ingress. Replace the "O" ring seal. If the actuator is explosion-proof, check the integrity of the flame path

8. Remove the motor cover and inspect the motor - check for any moisture getting into the case. Replace the "O" ring. If the actuator is explosion-proof, check the integrity of the flame path.

9. Remove the electrical cover and inspect the compartment - check for any moisture ingress and check the condition of the switches, contactors, and electrical clothing. Replace the "O" ring. If the actuator is explosion-proof, check the integrity of the flame path.

10. Replace all cover screws - use grease to facilitate future removal and protect them from corrosion.

11. Finally, check local and remote operations.

The above describes the maintenance steps of the actuator and the necessity of maintaining the actuator. If you want to buy an actuator, please contact us.

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