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Electric Linear Actuator Troubleshooting

Electric Linear Actuator Troubleshooting

Jan 28,2023
Electric Actuators
With the continuous improvement of the economy, the equipment used in all aspects of life and production has also been significantly improved. From traditional manually operated machinery to current electric machinery and fully automatic machinery, it not only represents economic development but also represents the improvement of work efficiency. Today, the electric linear actuator we are talking about is a new type of high-efficiency industrial equipment, which is widely used in all walks of life and in daily life. What is an electric linear actuator? What are the characteristics of electric actuators?

As we all know, most of the traditional electric equipment adopts a turn-by-turn workflow, so there are certain limitations in the work, which makes it very difficult to complete many tasks. More importantly, electric linear actuators can convert this limited rotational work into linear motion. In addition, the electric push rod can move back and forth on the basis of linear motion. In other words, the electric linear actuator can complete the whole process of remote control without manual control in industrial production, which is very suitable for some relatively efficient and complicated work.

Technical Performance Requirements for Electric Actuators

The controller is a very important component of the electric linear actuator. Therefore, in order to ensure the overall performance of the electric push rod, the electric push rod controller is required to meet certain conditions. The power transformer used by the controller should meet relevant standards. At the same time, the creepage distance and electrical clearance of its components and controllers should also meet relevant standards.

In the actual production process, the staff controls the operation of each electric push rod through the manipulator to make it run normally and smoothly. In addition, after the battery of the control box is charged, it can still work normally after 30 days of standby. What's more, it should be able to automatically alarm when the battery voltage is too low. After setting the stroke parameters, the control system with memory function should be able to operate normally.

In addition, other performances of the product electric linear actuator should also meet the relevant requirements. For example, as the temperature increases, electric linear actuators and controllers will operate under short-term workloads until thermal equilibrium is reached, and the elevated temperature should not exceed 80℃. The strength of the power cord and wires should meet the relevant regulations. The linear actuator needs to be subjected to a vibration test before it can work normally, and its dielectric strength meets the specified requirements.

Correspondingly, it can still work normally after being tested at high and low temperatures. In addition, its control system has passed a 48-hour damp heat test, and its dielectric strength also needs to meet relevant regulations.

Finally, the motor rotation and electromagnetic compatibility of electric actuators must comply with relevant standards. In addition, according to the load condition, after 20,000 times of normal operation of the product, the operating noise will not exceed 1.2 times the specified value, the stroke accuracy error will be within ±3mm, and the thrust will meet the specified requirements.

Analysis of Common Faults in the Use of Electric Linear Actuators

There may be many problems during the use of the machine. Therefore, if the electric push rod is not operated properly, there will be many unexpected problems, such as it may stop working. Usually, the main reason for an electric actuator to stop working is a problem with the hardware in it.

What users need to pay attention to during use is that users try to ensure that the electric linear actuator works in a stable space, which is also what users need to pay attention to when operating small electric actuators. Because their carrying capacity is relatively small. If the operator does not pay attention to the surrounding environment, the probability of failure will be greatly increased. In addition, users also need to pay attention to the environmental conditions around the product, such as temperature. In addition, it should also be noted that its lateral force should be kept within an appropriate range.

Electric Linear Actuator Troubleshooting

Common faults: The start button does not respond. Normally the motor is not connected.

Solution: Check the power wiring, and use a multimeter to measure whether there is voltage input at the input terminal.

Common faults: After starting the motor, there is a buzzing sound, but it does not turn. This condition indicates a phase loss.

Solution: Since the input voltage is generally a three-phase power supply, it is necessary to check whether there is a virtual connection or a phase loss.

Common faults: After starting the motor, the motor stops after a period of rotation, that is, overload.

Solution: Replace the electric linear actuator or increase the length of the crank arm to increase the rated processing power.

Common faults: Motor overheating can cause burnout. General overload protection fails.

Solution: First check whether the positive and negative poles of the wiring are connected incorrectly, check the force bifurcation point at the front end of the electric push rod, and check whether the machine bearing is stuck due to excessive force. At this time, all the user needs to do is to loosen the machine position and adjust the position of the force.

Features of Industrial Electric Linear Actuators

Industrial electric linear actuators are relatively heavy, for example in industries such as marine and construction, as well as in agricultural or industrial machinery. Due to the wide range of applications of heavy-duty industrial electric actuators, they can be used not only in commercial and industrial but also in industrial applications. It can also be applied to various customized programs, mainly to enhance capabilities and functions.

The electric actuator has its own mechanical device, which has the characteristics of full automation, remote control, and strong control ability. It is widely used in various industrial production and life, including various electric beds, electric sofas, electric doors, movable lifts, photo machines, photo frames, etc. If you want to buy electric actuators, welcome to contact us.

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