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Types of Electric Actuators and Their Applications

Types of Electric Actuators and Their Applications

Dec 19,2022
Actuators are mechanical or electromechanical devices that are used to provide controlled, positioned, and sometimes restricted movements, either manually, electrically, or through various fluids (such as air, hydraulics, etc.). The two types of motion necessary are rotary motion and linear motion, where a linear actuator converts power into linear motion, typically used in positioning electric actuator applications, and typically has two tasks, push and pull.

Some linear actuators are not powered but are manually operated by using a rotary handle or handwheel. Rotary actuators change energy to provide rotational motion. The main purpose of this is to control multiple valves such as butterfly valves or ball valves. Each actuator is available in different versions for various power configurations and in various sizes and styles depending on the application.

Basically, an electric actuator is a gear motor that can have various voltages and is the main component that produces torque. To prevent extreme current draw, electric actuator motors are often provided with thermal overload sensors fixed in the motor windings. This sensor is in series with the power supply and unlocks the circuit when the motor is energized, then locks out the circuit when the motor reaches a safe operating temperature.

An electric motor consists of an armature, electrical windings, and a gear train. When power is supplied to the windings, a magnetic field is created which causes the armature to rotate. As long as the winding is controlled when the power is cut off, the armature will turn and the motor will stop. Typical end-of-stroke limit switches are essential for electric actuators to handle this task.

These actuators rely on a gear train connected directly to the motor to increase motor torque and increase the output speed of the actuator. The only way to change the o/p speed is to install a cycle length control module. This module only allows increasing the cycle time. If shorter cycle times are required, an alternate actuator with the preferred cycle time and correct output torque must be used.

Intelligent Linear Electric Actuator

Intelligent linear electric actuator with linear output misalignment. The actuator is of high quality, precision material and design stable, durable and safe, wide application environment, similar to all types of valves, ball valves such as control valves, and butterfly valves.

Rotary Electric Cut-off Actuator

Rotary electric shut-off actuators allow the integration of standard signals and the conversion of the signals into equivalent angular displacements for mechanical control of valves for automatic modification tasks. In automatic changes, physical, mechanical, and two-way non-disruptive control of the regulating system can be identified. It consists of two parts, the actuator, and the servo amplifier. It can be controlled quickly or physically from a distance.

Linear Electric Shut-Off Actuators

Linear electric cut-off actuators are available in two types of AC single-phase power supply and three-phase AC power supply. The latest electric actuators are built according to the regulator control signal to achieve a predetermined linear reciprocating motion. This series of electric actuators are used as actuators for regulating valves, which almost have the function of changing the range of action required by the regulating valve itself, as well as the opening signal function and physical functions of the electric actuator valve. Widely used in power generation, metallurgy, papermaking, petrochemical, environmental protection, light industry, and other industries.

Rotary Electric Adjustable Actuator

This type of actuator is a fully electronic actuator that takes a 4mA to 20mA DC or 1V to 5Vd.c input signal from a PC, operator, or regulator, works with a 220V AC single-phase power supply, such as a drive power supply, and provides a server system. No additional servo amplifier is required. The input element "controller" accepts a complex hybrid integrated circuit and is hardened and aged by resin casting, so it is highly inconsistent, and resistant to vibration and moisture. When checking and accepting the base and the crank, the position of the zero ends of the crank can be determined arbitrarily within the range of 0-360℃. In addition, the electric actuator has overload, temperature, torque switch safety device, high control precision,

SMC Electric Actuator

SMC electric actuators offer different advantages, with controlled and predictable speed and acceleration. Multiple positions can be achieved with high precision and repeatability. Almost power can be automatic. There are fewer energy costs and infrastructure since no condensing air is required. SMC's electric actuators are designed with ease of layout and machining in mind. The function parameters are fixed, and the "easy mode" setting option allows you to get started quickly. The different types of SMC electric actuators include the following.


AC servo sliders

Rods and guides

AC servo rod

Sliding table




Controllers and drivers

So, it's all about the types of electric actuators and their applications. We hope you have a better understanding of this concept. If you want to buy electric actuators, please contact us.

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