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UG series actuators & accessories provide solutions for mining.

Mineral processing, extraction, and refining are considered some of the most challenging applications in the mining industry. There is a large demand for electric actuators that have high safety standards.

UG is a trusted brand with a strong portfolio of proven products and complete fluid-handling solutions within the mining and mineral processing industry.

Pumping stationsVentilation and cooling applicationsDust suppressionDewatering, Refining

The process of operating a mine is complicated and includes many industries. Mineral processing, extraction, and refining are considered a number of the toughest programs. There's a massive demand for electric actuators which have high protection standards within the mining enterprise.

An electric actuator creates a load movement or a motion requiring a force which includes clamping, creating the preferred force, and converting strength into kinetic electricity to automate valves or damper moves with the use of unique float manipulation. Electric automobiles may work on AC or DC substances relying on the requirements of the application, restrict switches, brake mechanisms, resolvers, temperature sensors, and so on. The favored force is generated from the motor’s torque capability and automates business valves, manner vegetation, flow manipulation, thermal electricity flora, irrigation structures, and so on.

UG offers a wide selection of actuation merchandise for the mining enterprise and masking regions which include, de-watering, coal washing, slurry transfer, and gasoline control.

Solutions for Mining

UG Series Electric Actuator
On/off Electric Actuators
  • UG series on-off electric actuator is designed for rotary valve applications such as ball, butterfly, and plug valves.
Intelligent Electric Actuators
  • UG series electric intelligent actuators integrate complete function, high performance, easy operation & debugging.
Modulating Electric Actuators
  • UG series modulating electric actuator can convert electrically generated high-speed low-rotary motor torque into low-speed high-rotary torque which, when coupled to a part-turn or multi-turn valve, drives the valve.
UG Series Pneumatic Actuators
Rack & Pinion Actuators
  • UG's new series pneumatic rack & pinion actuator applies an innovative rack and pinion drive mechanism, integrating the latest pneumatic actuator technology and materials.
Scotch Yoke Actuators
  • UG series pneumatic scotch yoke actuators, a heavy-duty pneumatic actuator, is designed for large size, high torque rotary valve application and linear valve applications.
Linear Actuators
  • UG series pneumatic linear actuator is designed for linear valve applications such as globe valves.
UG Series Actuator Accessories
Actuator Limit Switches
  • Actuator limit switches provide confirmation and visual indication of valve position. UG focuses on compact, high-quality limit switches, suitable for all kinds of actuators.
Actuator Filter Regulators
  • UG series filter regulators can provide the equipment with a supply of stable air pressure, prevent actuators from over-pressuring and clean the air at the same time.
Valve Actuator Positioners
  • UG manufactures and supplies Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners, Pneumatic-Pneumatic Valve Positioners, and Smart Valve Positioners.
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