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UG series actuators & accessories provide solutions for chemicals.

The use of chemicals is a precise process and many chemicals are corrosive. Actuators with good corrosion resistance are critical in the movement while controlling flow, protecting equipment, and providing safety in emergency shut-off situations.

UG has developed a line of actuators that have high efficiency, stable performance, and long service life. Our quality control program ensures that each of our actuators has a leakage test, a corrosion-resistant coating test, and a torque test before it leaves the factory.

Chemical FactoryLaboratory

Why does the chemical industry have high requirements for actuators?

Commercial process control operations often name for gadgets to be placed in physical places or environments that are not conducive to a protracted and efficient factor lifespan. Extremes of temperature, humidity, and vibration can have a sizeable effect on gadget performance and durability. The deleterious impact can also arise from factors of the manner itself, in the form of corrosive liquid or vapor frequently inside the processing location.

UG gives answers that enlarge across the complete chemical industry. Our expert understanding of the isolation, manipulation, and drift law of beverages and gases enables our clients to reduce their capital and operational expenditure, even maximizing their productivity and uptime for vital gadgets. Throughout the complete chemical substances enterprise, UG products offer the exacting ranges of sturdiness, reliability, and safety that our customers require.

Application:From olefins and aromatics via to specialty chemical manufacturers inclusive of coatings, adhesives, ceramics, and lubricants; the production of polymers and thermoplastics and polyamides; inorganics consisting of chlorine and acids; agrochemicals and fertilizers; industrial gases together with nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen, UG plays a key role in system automation.

In explosive atmospheres or harsh corrosive environments, UG’s technologies and solutions are designed to be strong and dependable, ensuring a clear value proposition to the end consumer.

Solutions for Chemical

UG Series Pneumatic Actuators
Rack & Pinion Actuators
  • UG's new series pneumatic rack & pinion actuator applies an innovative rack and pinion drive mechanism, integrating the latest pneumatic actuator technology and materials.
Scotch Yoke Actuators
  • UG series pneumatic scotch yoke actuators, a heavy-duty pneumatic actuator, is designed for large size, high torque rotary valve application and linear valve applications.
Linear Actuators
  • UG series pneumatic linear actuator is designed for linear valve applications such as globe valves.
UG Series Electric Actuators
On/off Electric Actuators
  • UG series on-off electric actuator is designed for rotary valve applications such as ball, butterfly, and plug valves.
Intelligent Electric Actuators
  • UG series electric intelligent actuators integrate complete function, high performance, easy operation & debugging.
Modulating Electric Actuators
  • UG series modulating electric actuator can convert electrically generated high-speed low-rotary motor torque into low-speed high-rotary torque which, when coupled to a part-turn or multi-turn valve, drives the valve.
UG Series Actuator Accessories
Actuator Limit Switches
  • Actuator limit switches provide confirmation and visual indication of valve position. UG focuses on compact, high-quality limit switches, suitable for all kinds of actuators.
Actuator Filter Regulators
  • UG series filter regulators can provide the equipment with a supply of stable air pressure, prevent actuators from over-pressuring and clean the air at the same time.
Valve Actuator Gearbox
  • UG has a wide range of gearboxes that can be used for the most demanding manual and motorized applications for ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves.
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